Common queries

Common queries

In order to ensure the correct use of liquid crystal display devices and liquid crystal modules by users, to avoid damage to devices due to improper operation during transportation, storage, installation and use, as well as safety problems during use, the following precautions are listed, users receive our products, please read this document first.

1. when the user receives and accepts the product, if the outer packaging of the product is found to be obviously damaged or other quality problems, please keep it intact and contact us directly in time to solve the problem as soon as possible.

2. LCD and LCM in transportation, storage, use, must control the product in the allowed temperature range. For LCD, the general storage and transportation temperature is -10 ° C ~ 60 ° C, and the operating temperature is 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C. If you require a wider storage, operating temperature range, please specify the request when ordering, the contract or user sample approval shall prevail. For LCM, when storing, the ambient temperature should be controlled at 5 ° C ~ 45 ° C, the humidity is 40% ~ 60%, and the drier environment is appropriate. The storage environment should be kept dust-free, clean and unimpeded.

3. when the liquid crystal display device is used, the DC voltage is not allowed to be applied, and the DC component of the drive voltage cannot exceed 50mV. LCM should pay attention to welding only the I/O interface, and the soldering iron temperature is not higher than 260 ° C, the welding time does not exceed 3 to 4 seconds each time, the welding times do not exceed 3 to 4 times, the best use of high-quality flux, after welding, should pay attention to clean the PCB board.

4. pay attention to LCD and LCM moisture, moisture is easy to reduce the LCD glass surface resistance, resulting in abnormal display, and easy to make LCM electrode corrosion.

5. When installing LCD, ensure that the conductive wire contact area of the device is sufficiently large, and maintain the balanced pressure of the entire contact surface (pay attention to the balanced pressure of the screw), the fixed frame is required to be smooth and smooth, and the pressure of the fixed frame should be added to the surrounding sealing frame of the device as far as possible; When assembling LCM, it is necessary to pay attention to the adequate grounding of the operator, and the soldering iron and other appliances used should be kept well grounded. Welding should pay attention to protect the LCD surface, so as to avoid the flux sputtering on the surface and causing damage.

6. the device should not be exposed to direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation for a long time, so as not to affect the service life.

7. the device should not be stored in high temperature, high humidity or corrosion, volatile chemical environment, so as not to make the LCD discoloration, LCM electrode corrosion, lose the normal display function. LCM should be placed in anti-static packaging or appliances.

8. the polarizer on the upper and lower sides of the LCD should not be stained with organic solvents; Due to the soft material of the polarizer, the installation process should avoid hard objects, crushing the upper and lower sides of the device, and can not use thick, hard cloth to wipe the polarizer; LCM Do not touch grease during operation.

9. When the user accepts the product, the testing tools and instruments are required to be accurate and reliable, and the voltage applied to drive the device should be within the specified range.

10. the user in the installation and use of the process, found that there is our quality responsibility to return the product, please maintain or restore the original state of the product (glass can not be broken; Polarizer can not scratch, top injury; Products with pins, the pins should be kept intact, not allowed to cut, bend). In order to return our inspection analysis, judgment.

11. the product in the supply process, if there is a change in the conditions of use, design or function of the change, should be timely contact with our company, our company can according to specific requirements, the corresponding change in the material, process or design of the product, in order to meet the user’s requirements.

12. users in the use of the company’s products, if there are our batch product quality problems to return, please return within three months of receiving the product to the company; If there are a small number of individual product quality problems need to be returned, please return the product within six months after receiving the company, through our inspection and analysis, if it is the company’s quality problems, you can replace qualified products.