Custom Design

Why Make Display Zone Your Choice For New Product Designs?

Over 8 years of experience developing custom design display modules and customized electronic assemblies based on your specification. The staff at Display Zone lives, breathes, and supplies only display technology and your support doesn’t stop at a sales person. Customer support flows through our company and every employee is focused on getting you exactly what you want. If it is low quantity, low price, fast delivery or the most oddball design ever seen, the entire Display Zone team will work together to get you a display that meets your requirements.

Designing Your Custom LCD

Display Zone has supported customers with custom LCD modules from automotive, medical and test equipment to industrial applications. Whether your design requires a small LCD, or a fully customized LCD module, our experienced technical customer support can assist you in designing your custom display.

The process begins with you supplying your dimensions and segment content/artwork. Our team will work with you and advise on the most practical design for your project. This includes the need for a power budget or a low current draw LCD. Design considerations for your customized LCD will include the type of interface, backlight options, power consumption, space constraints, touch panel options, half-life and more!

Custom LCD modules are a standard business practice for us. From the very simple modifications of an existing display to complete new product designs, we welcome your request.

Lead Time For Custom LCDs

In many cases, Display Zone’ lead time for custom LCD samples is as little as 4-6 weeks after you approve our counter drawings and data sheet.

Customized product display